Our Strategic Direction

We Constantly Explore “New Opportunities Within Our Existing Businesses As Well As Businesses Of The Future,” That Are Aligned To Our Group’s Philosophies.


India is the 2nd largest producer of food. However, we lack adequate and modern post harvest storage infrastructure. Today, our Group is creating a pan-India network of warehouses with a capacity of over 1 Million Tonnes. We aim to create supply chain management solutions supporting companies and farmers through scientific warehousing and commodity financing facilities.

Green Initiatives

We are investing in businesses that are environment friendly and aim to create a more sustainable future. LNB Renewable is one venture towards this direction. We are constantly on the lookout for opportunities in sustainable and clean energy, recyclable and eco friendly innovations, water management, waste and e-waste management etc.

Health & Wellness

Indian health care expenditure is amongst the lowest globally and there are huge challenges in terms of accessibility to quality health care across India. Lifestyle issues and health concerns are integral to our existence. We look at businesses that are enablers in this space which is significantly untapped and under-penetrated. SOUL is a small step in this direction.

Corporate Farming

We have initiated agriculture and timber plantations within India on over 900 acres of land and on over 6,500 acres of land in Uganda with the objective of creating bio-mass for industrial use thereby reducing dependency on natural resources. From 2014-19, we planted over 4 Million trees in various locations across India. We are also working on creating comprehensive solutions for horticulture and farm forestry projects and technical know-how for integrated organic crop production.